Fruit Syrup (Apple Berry)



Add Fruit Syrup flavour to create your great drink and sweet menu



Lin Apple Berry Syrup can be used for your favourite mix drinks such as mocktail, smoothie, cocktail and sweet menu. For water/soda water = 1:3 (Lin Apple Berry Syrup 1 : water/soda water 3)  Also, used as an ingridient in baking recipe, topping for pancakes, waffles, doughnuts, ice cream or desserts of your choices.


Package size : 350 ml./Bottle (12 Bottles/Carton)

Avaliable at : Lotus, Tops, Foodland, The Mall, Villa, Tang Hua Seng

Distributor :  Mass Marketing Co., Ltd.  Tel. (02) 683-0333 # 136, 140


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