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Ms. Suree Asadatorn, better known as “Tao Kae Lin” or foreigners dubbed him “Thailand’s King of Sugar” who had technical abilities. He successfully used his knowledge and skills as a steel lathe to create various rare and expensive pieces of equipment for producing sugar for his own use. without having to rely on ordering and importing machinery from abroad in any way

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“Khun Suree’s words are as good as contracts”




Thai Rungruang Group Its origins began during World War II. At that time, Thailand was experiencing a sugar shortage crisis, although the government had a policy to encourage private companies to establish sugar factories to solve the crisis. But most of the private sector still faces problems with the cost of machinery and various equipment that must be ordered from abroad, which are very expensive, while Ms. Suree Atsadatorn has knowledge and ability in the field of mechanics. Able to successfully produce rare and expensive equipment parts for sugar production. Therefore, "Ruam Kam Lap Company Limited" was established on May 7, 1946, in the area of Soi Phrom Phong. Along Saen Saep Canal Bangkok This is considered to be the first private sugar factory in Thailand.


Thai Rung Ruang Group doing business in the sugar cane and sugar industry for the longest time in Thailand and also expanding to many other businesses.


Our Business


News Update


TRR Group organizes an exhibition
Good Labor Project according to the sufficiency economy method
at Government House


TRR Group Received the Outstanding Sugar Factory Award
Promoting and developing production efficiency
Year 2021 and Year 2022


Dr. Ugrit Asadatorn, President
TRR Group was selected as a role model in Business Sector of the year 2021

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