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GETS Farming

GETS Farming

GETS Framing

With the belief that "a good environment leads to good productivity," the prosperous Thai Sugar Group recognizes the importance of caring for the environment throughout the entire sugarcane production process, starting from the cultivation of sugarcane. This concept is integral to the establishment of the GETS Farming project, aimed at sustainable agricultural development. The project supports farmers in cultivating sugarcane in harmony with nature, utilizing water and soil management alongside technology and agricultural machinery to enhance sugarcane cultivation. The goal is to achieve high-quality yields, reduce costs, and concurrently ensure sustainable environmental practices.

The GETS Farming project focuses on four key principles to guide sustainable sugarcane cultivation:

  1. Green:

    • Reduce the use of chemicals in sugarcane fields.

    • Leave sugarcane leaves on the ground to cover the soil, increasing organic matter in the soil and reducing water runoff.

  2. Efficiency:

    • Enhance the efficiency of sugarcane field management.

    • Keep sugarcane planted for more than 10 years to save costs, emphasizing low investment but high and beautiful yields.

  3. Technology:

    • Integrate suitable new technologies into the project.

    • Measure and collect data on cultivation to ensure precision in maximizing sugarcane quality.

  4. Sustainable:

    • Foster geographical sustainability.

    • Maintain fertile soil and sustainable organic matter in the soil.

    • Create long-term returns for farmers.

All of these principles reflect our commitment and dedication to the environment, as well as our concern for sugarcane farmers. We hope that our business will remain sustainable, harmonizing with the environment and supporting the sugarcane farmers.

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